Financial agreements

There are several agreements a couple can make in Israel in order to clarify and simplify the division of their property in case of separation or divorce. Pre – nuptial agreement: an agreement between a couple who is about to get married. This agreement must be done before the marriage ceremony and must be ratified by the family court or by a notary.Divorce agreement: an agreement between a couple whose marriage life has ended.


In addition to sections in the agreement regarding the division of property the agreement will usually also refer to custody, child support, alimonies and the divorce itself. This agreement must be ratified by the family court or the rabbinical court (the segments regarding the divorce can be ratified only by the rabbinical court if the couple is Jewish).Cohabitation agreement: an agreement between a couple who has decided not to get married mainly regarding the division of their property in case they would separate. One of our office expertise is drafting financial agreements of all kinds, as well as financial agreements between same sex couples, parenting agreements, division of inheritance agreements, real estate agreements, loan agreements, gift agreements.

Daniel WIgler Law Firm provides it's clients, either of foreigner nationality or ones who Immigrated to Israel legal consulting regarding prenuptial agreements, divorce agreements, joint parenting agreements, common law agreements, wills, agreements between inheritors and many more and guides them through the preparations of those agreements in order to reach an agreement or a will which would express their needs and desires within the bounderis of the Israeli law


Daniel Wigler is an expert in the Israeli family laws and divorce laws.
Adv. Daniel Wigler holds an LL.B Bachelors degree in law, and an LL.M Masters degrees in law, both from the University of Tel - Aviv, Israel.

Adv. Daniel Wigler is an experienced and skillful lawyer, who handles a large variety of legal cases on the matter of family law and inheritance law in the Israeli family courts and rabbinical courts.       

Adv. Daniel Wigler speaks Hebrew, English, French and Italian and gives legal services to foreign citizens around the world who has legal issues in Israel regarding marriage, divorce, alimony,custody, wills and inheritance and more.

Legal Agreements

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Daniel Wigler Law Firm is a boutique law office which is situated in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel, and specializes in family law and inheritance law. 
The firm provides its clients with legal consultancy on divorce and inheritance procedures in Israel

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